December 4

Ep 123 – Stepping Into Your Spotlight W. Rebecca Saunders, Video Ninja And Strategist


From being bullied in the schoolyard for being and looking different to building a global production company, owning a purpose-built film studio in Sydney and the creator of a multitude of online courses including her signature program “The Video Accelerator”, in this conversation Rebecca shares her own personal story into finally stepping into her spotlight.

This conversation is a hugely personal one where Rebecca shares the moment she finally decided to embrace who she is and step out publicly without wearing the wigs she’s worn for so long….you’ll have to take a listen.

At the age of 22, Rebecca packed a small bag and booked a one-way ticket to Sydney with her laptop and just $500 in her pocket as she boarded that plane.

She had a dream of living in Australia and building her own company to sponsor herself to stay here.

Fast forward a decade, Rebecca is described by her clients as a video ninja and sought after video strategist who builds brands with impactful video content and live virtual events.

Rebecca has built a global production company, has a purpose-built film studio in Sydney where she produces live virtual events and education content, and has a selection of online courses including her signature program “The Video Accelerator” to help make our video journey’s just that little bit easier.


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