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The Four Key People You Need in Your Network

By November 29, 2021No Comments


Here’s the big secret about building a powerful network:

It’s about quality, not quantity!

Unfortunately, so many business owners focus on bringing as many people as possible into their networks. 

Maybe you’re the same… 

While the numbers may look good, the fact is that massive networks confine you to having superficial conversations with people who barely know you.

And that’s not what you want, right?

Instead, you need to have a robust network that contains people who offer deep conversations about business, and even life.

It also contains that core few who understand your dreams and aspirations.

Simply put, the best networks are filled with people who are actively helping you!


What do those people look like?

There are four key people that every business owner needs to have in their network

#1 – The Promoters

These are the people who can build you up and help you become more than you are right now.


A promoter is going to say good things about you to other people. And when you start to worry about what you’re doing, the promoter will pick you up and get you ready to take on your next challenge.

#2 – The Pit Crew

These are the people who keep you present and solid.

They’re just like the pit crew in a race – they’re going to check in on you, make sure you have everything you need right now, and then send you back out into the race.

#3 – The Teachers

These are the people who are going to teach you the mastery you need to make your business as big as it can be.

Your teachers are the architects of your dreams. They are the people that have walked the path you want to walk before. And they are anybody who imparts wisdom to you.

#4 – The Butt Kickers

We all need people who are going to hold us accountable and give us a kick in the butt when we slow down.

That’s these guys.

They’re going to push you when your motivation dips, helping you do more in the process.

Do you have all four of these types of people in your network?

If you don’t, I want to help you find them.

Book a Call to Clarity with me today and we’ll talk about what we can do to help you grow a robust network.

Chat soon, 

Janine x

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