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I’m regularly booked to deliver keynote presentations for global conferences, organisation initiatives and senior leadership development programs.

My most popular keynotes are listed below, but I always happily develop each and every keynote according to your specific needs and objectives.

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Together we can make your event really achieve your objectives. One that matters. One that is remembered.

It’s Who You Know

Network and connect for success

We’ve all been told, ’you really have to network’ if you want to build success.

And yet, most of us really HATE the term networking, let alone going out there and doing it.

Networking has become a superficial numbers games, a transactional swapping of business cards, names and ‘likes’, of bland ‘order taking’ with no real depth, relationship building or long-term result.

In this digitally connected world, we seem to be more disconnected that ever. But, here’s the thing – strategic networking and knowing how to build the right personal and professional network is extraordinarily powerful and creates real leverage.

It is part of the winning formula between those that succeed and those that do not.

In this keynote Janine:

  • challenges the traditional approach to networking
  • argues the need to relearn how to connect as human beings
  • suggests a proven framework to network building
  • shares powerful stories of her own and others throughout


Unlocking team success

The future of work, of what we are doing and how, is ever evolving.

The result? The organisations in which we are having to ideate and innovate, manage and lead, think and deliver, are becoming increasingly complex.

Here’s the real challenge – that ‘Me’ space we’ve lived in for so long isn’t enough anymore to tackle the adaptive challenges we are facing.

To succeed on a long-term, sustainable basis, we need to engage and innovate, to work together, to make things happen. We cannot move quick enough alone. We must move quickly together, as a collective intelligence. Together, we work faster and smarter. This new collaborative way of working is key.

You will leave this keynote feeling more than just motivated or convinced you need to work together. You will leave with an understanding of how to influence more, collaborate better, drive impact and ensure relevance today and tomorrow.

Unleashing Brilliance

Accelerating team, leadership & business success

The rate of technological change and the ‘volatile stability’ of today’s global business environment means that great leaders cannot afford to stand still or sit back and rest on past successes.

If you are a leader of today or tomorrow you need to understand your own path and purpose. Why are you leading? What do you want to succeed at? Who are you really being? What do you want to be remembered for? You need to constantly innovate, reinvent yourself, and actively listen and collaborate if you want to be successful in the 21st-century world of business. You must positively impact your customers, your team and your bottom line. Become a leader worth following, create cultures others want to be part of, build influence and drive change.

This keynote inspires and motivates teams and organisations into embracing a new style of leadership and to take ownership for the part they have to play in driving change and success for themselves and the organisation they are part of, now and into the future.

Glass Ceiling v Sticky Floor

There is much debate in the media backing up the infamous glass ceiling as being the primary barrier to women’s advancement in the corporate world. That invisible yet ever present checkpoint which, statistically, is definitely present; but of course, as we all know, glass is made to be broken – or more satisfyingly, shattered.

But what about the sticky floor?

Is there something to be said in the statement that women do in fact hold themselves – or ourselves – back? For women in leadership roles in Australia the constant battle to unglue our feet from that sticky floor of workplace inequality can get incredibly tiring – we hold commissions, think tanks, inquiries and productivity studies – we talk a lot, we argue bitterly and yet that ceiling is still firmly in place.

There continues to be a disconnect between what leaders are saying and the reality of corporate life and culture; the unconscious bias continues to exist creating ongoing challenges to diversity and of course the cultural conundrums of the pay gap, child care opportunities and flexible working conditions don’t help to solve the problem.

In this thought provoking and, at times, hard hitting keynote Janine uses personal story, case studies and references as she shares:

  • her thoughts around why we, as women, are sabotaging change
  • why we can’t let the influence – and the incredible intelligence and skills that women bring to the workplace – go down that talent drain and be wasted
  • how change is possible, ownership is key and why the foundation stone of the future is what we all individually do now.

Leadership Lessons

My journey of reinvention and the lessons learnt

Janine has often been called the Queen of Reinvention.

From being born in the North of England in a traditional male household, Janine was the first in her family to break the mould and leave home at 18 to go to university. From university she started a corporate career in London, rose through the ranks and then decided at the age of 30 to pack everything in to move to Australia with only a backpack. The career rebuild began and over the next 10 years Janine built a successful corporate marketing career putting together award-winning marketing campaigns and strategies for high-profile brands like Ralph Lauren, Oroton, and Citizen Watches.

At the age of 40 Janine decided to start all over again, leaving the corporate world behind to begin her entrepreneurial venture.

And she’s done it again, selling her business in March 2019 to focus on writing, training and speaking.

As she says, “throughout my career there have been two constants – the packing and repacking of my backpack and me”.

This keynote is jammed with Janine’s personal stories of success and failure as a businessperson, mother and women as she shares her leadership lessons that everyone can take in to their own life and work.

Empower Change

Diversity matters

Sure the workplace is changing, but it is still not a place of equality.

Unless we all collaborate and work together, unless we break down the current barriers to diversity, the lack of female leaders now will drastically affect the pipeline of female leadership for tomorrow. There will be no funnelling of talent, no monitoring or active sponsoring of younger women– because the senior female leaders simply won’t be there to see these things put in place.

The increasing influence of women is challenging us all to adapt and realign ourselves to the needs of a new society. Engaging women in the workplace, especially at the leadership level, is an essential part of the new collaborative economy.

In this impactful and insightful keynote Janine will challenge you, your female leaders and rising stars to do more. She will share how we are all responsible for change today and tomorrow; how we can change ourselves and the next generation to come; how we can change the world now and together create a more balanced world.