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Finding Collaboration in the Workplace



collaboration in the workplace


For some businesses, this doesn’t come easy.

But imagine the things that your business can accomplish with a collaborative environment. 

If every single team member can collaborate with the other seamlessly.

You’re probably thinking…

“I have a team of headstrong professionals. They have very strong beliefs. Is that even possible?”

Of course, it is!

In fact, I’ve got the secret that’ll allow you to have a business that runs smoothly…

A cooperative team…

And a healthy work culture.

What is it?

Teach them to come from a space of learning and curiosity.

I got that idea from Tracey Ezard, author of the books “Ferocious Warmth”, “Glue”, and “The Buzz”.

She has incredible insights into how one can become a dynamic leader. Particularly someone who fosters collaboration in the workplace.

Tracey said that when we’re faced with an opinion that’s not our own, we go into defence mode. 

It’s our natural reaction.

The thing is, it’s okay to be vocal about your point of view. 

But to cancel someone else because they don’t share yours…

That won’t help you become a great leader.

To achieve great things in your business, Tracey said:

“People should come together with an intent to understand more deeply the way the other person sees the world.”

And it makes a lot of sense.

In fact, she said that even people with opposing political views will start to see each other differently if they engage in a deep dialogue.

If you can apply that in your business, it’ll be easier for your team to collaborate.

Think about it.

It’s not uncommon for colleagues to discuss opposing views. 

But if they come from a

space of learning and curiosity, they won’t see the other as a threat.

Instead, they’ll see the other person as a source of new knowledge. Someone who can give them a deeper understanding of things.

That understanding is the key to establishing brilliant collaboration in the workplace.

There’s an opportunity that exists when you’re willing to meet people where they’re at.

You can have discussions about opposing judgments and perceptions without tensions arising in the process.

It’s also easier to resolve issues and uncover opportunities to achieve business growth.

So, do you have a collaborative environment in your business?

If you’d like to work on that, I encourage you to book a Call to Clarity with me today.

Chat soon,

Janine x


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