June 9

Ep 130 – Double Down don’t Chase Shiny stuff


Solo Episode – Doubling Down vs Lost in the Shiny Stuff

Unleashing brilliance requires you to double down on what you are good at and to take ownership of your next actions.

Maintaining your focus exactly where you or your business needs it for growth is key for momentum.

Easier said than done, right?

What I see happening way too often is:

We follow shiny stuff …because it’s more
We enter comparison mode…and suddenly we are out
of our lane and trying to be someone else (and guess what? Comparison-it is often
then quickly invites self-doubt to the party!)
We take on too much…and get overwhelmed with
everything that needs to be done – yesterday!

And instead of moving forward, we start spinning and getting nowhere fast.

I shared on my YouTube channel and in my Elevate community 3 strategies to doubling down on what really needs to be done to get momentum back in your business.

Given the response, I thought I’d take the audio and drop it into my podcast as part of a new series of solo episodes that I will be publishing here each month.

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