May 12

Ep 129 – Trust, Authenticity and Courage with Linda McGregor


Cheesy, Ziggy, Benny and Funky George are four of the most incredible teachers on leadership I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from (true!). They taught me about the power of trust, authenticity and courage.
I met them during a unique and experiential training session run by latest guest, Linda McGregor, founder and CEO of Four Legged Sages. Yep — the four teachers are horses.
The wonderful thing about horses is that they have no hidden agenda, are masters of emotional intelligence and they have an ability to allow us to see ourselves for what we really are. For example:
• Do we behave in a way that’s congruent to what we think?
• Does our body language match what we’re saying?
• Are we really building trust with an individual or are we behaving superficially?
‘Most of us never really think about how leadership “happens”,’ explains Linda. ‘We enter the workplace, we are the boss, or someone is our boss, we try to give direction or follow direction. Sometimes it works and sometimes it breaks down due to a lack of respect, the presence of friction and stress. At worst this leads to a breakdown of positive relationships and eventually work culture. Being chosen as a leader is a different concept, where you need to earn the right to lead, to earn respect and loyalty. To do this you must prove you are worthy to be the leader, that you can be trusted to hold the “reins” of the team and guide them to success safely and fairly. Being a leader means people choose to follow you.’
Linda McGregor has spent her career working all sides; marketing, advertising, strategy and business development. With over 30 years’ experience; client and agency sides in the UK, Asia & Australia, then, in 2003, founding leading insight consultancy, All About Eve, she has wide expertise of creating & leading teams & businesses in a variety of set-ups, markets & categories.
Her twin passions in life – her work delivered ‘aha’ insights about people, and her long-time hobby around horses – inspired her teamwork & leadership training offshoot, Four Legged Sages. Here she blends threefold – social and neuroscience insight, her own leadership & teamwork expertise, the unique wisdom from horse-herd dynamics & “horse whispering”.
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