January 13

Roughly Right – Or EXACTLY Wrong?


dream (1) “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”  Gloria Steinem

Social media has been a read and a half these first two weeks of January. I don’t know about you; but for me the positive affirmations on Facebook and Twitter, constant excitement from friends and business associates at the start of a new year and the ‘go getter’ attitude popping up left, right, and centre in my inbox is assisting in easing the trepidation and nerves I always feel at the start of a new year.

I never have the feeling of excitement, high fiving or loud “thank goodness that’s over” at leaving an old year behind, but more often a sense of quiet thoughtfulness and acknowledgment of the year that was, the highs and the lows experienced, the significant learnings I choose to take on board; and every year a recognition of “I can’t believe I (or collective we) got through that <insert slightly uncomfortable/scary/tedious/fearful episode here>”. This self reflection can at times be uncomfortable, but for me, if I am going to grow as a person and thought leader, continued learning is key.

Equally I tend to look at the year ahead with excitement and a little bit of trepidation. When it comes down to it, trite as it may sound, it’s an opportunity to think big and set new goals – and with that comes responsibility. It’s taking those goals by the short and curlies and ensuring I have the plan that will get me there. For me this doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the blocks at break neck speed as the starting gun cracks and running like a crazy banshee in to new “must get to quickly” territory. I’ve learnt this isn’t necessarily the right path for me – it’s taken some time, mind you, but I have learnt it!

I think the start of a new year is an incredibly sacred time – a chance to reflect, contemplate, dream big and think big. To really ask yourself “What Is It That I Want To TRULY Achieve/Do Differently this Year?”

Most importantly, it’s about taking quality time out to carefully plan the key activities, actions, decisions and quite possibly even contacts that need to be made to propel you towards your big picture vision – because to be honest in my case, my big picture vision doesn’t change one year to the next, but rather year on year it’s about ensuring I take the right next step forward towards that big goal.

Yes, it’s about getting that one big word right. Yes, it’s about putting 90 day goals, plans and measurements in place. The hard bit? Taking time to really think and question myself with this: “Am I really challenging my own status quo? Should I be changing more? Am I scaring myself just a little bit/enough with what I want to achieve this year?”

I see the start of the year as an opportunity to make those big decisions. The key however is then ensuring that you have the plan to deliver on them. Benjamin Franklin himself said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

But giving ourselves time to dream and challenge our own thinking and goals is equally important.  With it comes significant personal responsibility and for me this is where the excitement of possibility lies.

And it’s that excitement of possibility that is the ultimate key. Don’t try to lock everything in 100%. Give yourself room for the dream to evolve. That’s what I mean about ‘roughly right’; because locking everything in too firmly, doesn’t allow any scope for a bit of imagination…

And you may get it exactly wrong. Perfect – but…

Think big. Dream big. And change the game. Happy New Year all.

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