December 16

On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas…


12 daysThis is my last blog prior to the holiday break – and yes, I am actually taking a break! The most important thing in my life, bar none, is my family and I am looking forward to the opportunity to spend some uninterrupted time with them over the Christmas period.

I often talk about the fact that as women of worth, we are quick to praise others and celebrate their achievements, but slow to give ourselves the chance to stop and celebrate the moments which matter in our own lives – whether they are personal or business related. As we approach the end of 2013, why don’t you give yourselves the best gift of all – a well-earned look at what you have achieved throughout the year?

Don’t look to others to provide a Twelve Days of Christmas – look back over each month of the year that was and pull out 12 things that you feel were personal ‘this is where I changed the game’ moments and raise a glass of champagne to you – whether you make that real glasses or virtual ones is up to you!

For me, 2013 was not without challenges. As always, I set the bar as high as I possibly could – and I know this is something that all LBDG members do. It’s one of the things we all have in common – we strive continuously to not only be the best, but to see others be the best!

That brings with it frustration and tears, and sometimes even anger – but ultimately enormous rewards. I have seen LBDG go from strength to strength, with membership growing and the profile of the group as a whole – and that of individual members – becoming incredibly well regarded. We have held Boardroom Luncheons, Business Seminars and Forums with an astounding array of guest speakers, from Sam Mostyn and Elizabeth Broderick, to Matt Church, Prue Thomas, Karen Gately and Gihan Perera. We have launched a stand alone online magazine, GLOSS, which has seen fantastic contributors and international readership. A friend of LBDG was in a shop in Texas and the owner of the store said ‘don’t you have friends in Australia? I just read this great online magazine from there – it’s called GLOSS, you should check it out!’

That feedback was a gift in itself.

I was incredibly proud and humbled to be nominated for – and to win – an International Stevie Award for Women In Business. This helped reinforce my belief in the message of LBDG and what we stand for – that there is a great need in Australian business to keep changing the game and make a difference in the way the workplace actually works.

Introducing Cocktail Conversations, increasing LBDG’s presence in the media, holding the second Exclusive Business Retreat in Noosa – all of these things have been reason to feel proud this year.

But my main present to me?

Is the knowledge that LBDG members from Brisbane to Melbourne are sharing such incredible connections. The conversations which are going on – whether formally, in a business context, or informally, as support to each other – are astonishing. It is a joy and a wonder to behold, and it proves just what amazing women are involved within the Little Black Dress Group, and brings back to me constantly why I started the organisation in the first place.

That is worth fifteen partridges in pear trees, and brings back the simple statement which LBDG started with; women do.

Have a safe, happy and joyous Christmas and Chanukah. Enjoy the gift of your achievements. Raise that glass. And take a deep breath before you surge on towards 2014.

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