December 7

Ep 141 – The Things We Learn In Times Of Transition w/ Michelle Gregory


“As I reflect on the last 10 years and what’s that been like, I think how brilliant can the next phase be? I’ve got this wisdom on board now. I know I’m going to pick up and learn something else. I really don’t even know what it is yet but it’s going to blow my little brain and , you know, and I’ll, I’ll just get engaged and keep going on.”

I loved every minute of this conversation with Michelle Gregory as we meandered and weaved through learnings and musings on life and business.

In this podcast we discuss:

*How the biggest learnings about us happen in the hardest of times.

*How entry to the next level of success is never free

*The insights she gained for this next transition phase of life and business from walking the   Larapinta Trail, in the heart of Central Australia, which runs over 230km along the spine of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

*How every person has a story, a history, something that is powerful and sacred to them that defines who they are, and our responsibility is to ensure we do not steal the story from others.

Michelle Gregory is the co-founder and director of Promotion Products – a company that started out as an idea and now turns multiple millions. Promotion Products is committed to putting an end to ‘brandfill’ and creating enduring connections that are useful, memorable, and sustainable.

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