December 1

Ep 140 – New Ways Of Working With Lynne Cazaly


She is an international keynote speaker and award-winning author with her ideas and thoughts published in 10 books. Lynne consults to leaders, teams and businesses guiding them through their adoption of new and creative ways of working as they respond to changes in work.

And this is the very thing that we explored in our conversation.

There is no doubt that every single one of us is navigating a significant period of change right now. It’s almost as if we are all part of a living and breathing experiment where we are exploring the future of how we live and how we work.

Listen in as we discuss Lynne’s theory around ISH and that maybe is we were to all embrace the Ish we might just create a future of work that is more engaging and one that will
Unleash the brilliance in in all of us.

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