February 11

Ep 103 – Stepping in to the Spotlight w: Nicola Moras.


Nicola believes that too many of us are selling ourselves short and that it’s way more important to be seen as an expert amongst your audience that it is your peers.
As the author of 5 books, most recently “Into the Spotlight” and “Visible” her overarching message is one of how to cut through the noise online, stand out from the crowd and become the rock star of your industry. All so your business can thrive.
Nicola Moras is a self-confessed ‘bad-ass’!
She’s passionate about helping business owners generate results using social media and digital marketing – without the bullshit. This means actually getting a financial return on investment in the form of revenue. Over the years, she has helped thousands of people around the world with their social media and digital marketing strategies to create visibility, impact and profits.
She wholeheartedly believes that you are your best and most important asset and that you should become omnipresent on social media. Through your digital marketing efforts, you will get results. She believes in the power of you.


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