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How to reach out and connect with someone for the first time


Imagine for a second that you’ve identified someone you’d love to reach out and connect with because you’d like them to be part of your network – the question is how?

How do you reach out in a way that is more than a “let’s connect” click? In a way that is respectful and maximises the chances of a reply versus you disappearing into the ether of invisibility?

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked, ‘How do I approach (insert name)? What do I say?

Clients talk to me about a lack of confidence, a fear of rejection, and worry about being judged. They are concerned about being interesting enough and mention the battle with their inner voice that plants the seeds of doubt with, ‘Why would X person care about me?

And so instead of reaching out and building their network, clients let their fear, lack of confidence, and worry about what to say and how to say it get in the way of taking action.

Any of this sound familiar?

When I get asked, ‘How do I approach (insert name)? What do I say?’, my answer is always the same:

If you only had 5 minutes with X person, what would you ask them and why does it matter? Get clear on the one question you want to ask.
Ask them the question!

Seriously, it’s as simple as that.

The one question is so important (and always overlooked).

We ultimately have to respect other people’s time. So, don’t just superficially click connect or ask them for ‘a coffee to pick their brain’. Don’t just ask them to be ‘part of your network’. And whatever you do, don’t send them a long list of questions via LinkedIn (ugh).

Be direct, be thoughtful about what you’re seeking.

If you really value someone’s opinion and advice, then invest your time first to get clear on what help you need. Get specific in your request and I guarantee most people will be willing to help, and if they can’t, they’re very likely to respond with an explanation or even introduce you to someone who would be better at helping with said advice.

As opposed to ‘Can I meet you for a coffee?’ (which is a sure-fire sign that you’re going to chew up their precious time) say, ‘I’d like to chat with you about the three key things you did to grow your career to becoming a partner’ or ‘I’m looking to expand into China and noticed you had managed to do so successfully. I’d really appreciate it if you could share your three key insights’ or ‘I’ve been following you on social media and love what you’re doing. What is the one key tip you would share?’

Show you’re interested.

Show you care.

Show that you’ve invested your own time thinking about the key question or piece of advice you want to ask.

In summary:

Identify WHO you want to connect with.

Identify WHY connecting with this person matters to you.

Identify WHAT you want to ask.


Own it. Be curious. Be brave. Reach out—and don’t forget to expect the unexpected.

Until next week.

Janine Garner




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