January 2

Ep 100 – Purpose, Entrepreneur and Emotional resilience with Naomi Simson


A true business leader and influencer, Naomi Simson is Australia’s most followed person on the business networking platform. She has authored two best-selling books Live What You Love, and Ready to Soar, and appeared as the #RedShark in four seasons of Shark Tank Australia.

In this podcast we discuss:
–       The importance of purpose in a business
–       What leaders need to do today to lead in to tomorrow
–       The importance of uniting people to a cause and holding them accountable
–       Naomi’s passion for small business
–       And why emotional resilience needs to be strengthened in all of us.

Following the growth of Red Balloon and the experience economy Naomi co-founded the Big Red Group (BRG) with business partner David Anderson in 2017. With the shared purpose to ‘shift the way people experience life’, BRG  serves ‘activities’ to different audiences through its various marketplaces: RedBalloon, Adrenaline, Lime&Tonic, Redii.com. A proudly Australian owned and operated business its goal is to serve an experience sustainably every second by 2030.


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