October 30

Ep 035 – Conversations with Weh Yeoh I Founder of OIC Cambodia


Weh Yeoh is the founder of OIC Cambodia, an initiative that aims to establish speech therapy as a profession in Cambodia. He has a BA in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney and an MA in Development Studies from the University of NSW. He has volunteered with people with disabilities in Vietnam, interned in India, studied Mandarin in Beijing, and milked yaks in Mongolia. He started OIC in 2013, and handed over leadership to a local Cambodian team in 2017. He is now co-founding Umbo, a social enterprise bridging the gap for rural children to access allied health services. So many nuggets in this conversation as Weh shares his inspiring story and courage to step out and do something that matters to so many others:
-the choices that we all have to help others
-success is measured by what happens after you leave
-setting up your own redundancy
-asking the uncomfortable questions.

Grab a cuppa, download and listen in.


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