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Janine Garner: ‘Clients more demanding than ever’

By October 26, 2018No Comments

Clients have become more demanding than ever before with disruption in media placing everyone under more pressure, Janine Garner said.

Speaking at this week’s AdNews Lessons in Leadership event, the founder and CEO of networking community LBD Group said the rapid pace of the industry is felt from all ends, including clients, leaders and the media.

“Our clients used to be gorgeous and we used to love hanging out with them but now they’ve become more demanding than ever before,” she said.

The disruption in media is a key reason for this because communication has increased dramatically, meaning people have to produce more work under more time pressure.

“We want everything quicker, cheaper and faster.”

According to a study from The University of California people consume 34 gigabytes of data a day, which Garner argues makes it harder for brands to get their message across.

“We used to develop three year, five year, 10 year plans but now reality is changing on a daily basis,” she said.

While communication is increasing, resources are decreasing, so people in the industry are forced to do more with less. This is contributing to short-termism in the industry.

“Everything now is being restricted or cut; people, resources, budget, and time. We live in a decade of major disruption and we’re just trying to figure it out but the business world is asking you to be adaptable, agile and quicker.”

Garner said people need to learn to collaborate effectively to manage the future of the industry.

“We need to disrupt the norm and work together to create environments that are best for us.”

Garner also spoke about the need for leaders to show vulnerability. Read more here.


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