March 27

Ep 022 – Conversations with Sherilyn Shackell


Joining me on the podcast this month is Sherilyn Shackell

Sherilyn is the Founder & CEO of The Marketing Academy, a unique not for profit organisation dedicated to inspiring and developing talented stars in the marketing industry to become the leaders, Board Directors and CEOs of tomorrow.

The Marketing Academy started in the UK and is sponsored by brands such as British Telecom, Microsoft, Facebook and McKinsey, opened in Australia in October 2014 and will be opening in New York and Dubai very soon.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Sherilyn when she was in Sydney earlier this year and this podcast “Unleashing Brilliance” sums up Sherilyn completely – her past has not defined her future but more made her and her purpose a legacy for others. Some key learnings in this podcast were:

” Embrace your vulnerability – you deserve nothing unless you give of yourself first
” Failure absolutely can drive future success
” Do the thing that makes your heart flutter.

Grab a cuppa and listen in.


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