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Are You Part Of The Revolution?

By March 28, 2018No Comments

Everyone is talking about the speed of change – but I think major change has already happened and it ain’t stopping any time soon.

Everyone is talking about how change is affecting society norms, the business landscape, the way consumers consume – but I think the way we do things has already changed forever.

Everyone is looking for the next big thing – but I think the next big opportunity is already here.

In the old world, intelligent thinking, high quality products, services and breadth of range were scarce, but now they are everywhere. As Seth Godin says, “What’s scarce is trust, connection and surprise”.

There is no doubt we are living in an increasingly complex and interconnected world;

  • Where information, resources and intellect are readily available 24/7, with our brains being ‘bombed’ by 34gb of information every day according to a study, conducted by researchers at the University of California.
  • Where we are all navigating the needs of a new working generation and the evolving wants and demands of consumers. In the book, Entrepreneur Voices on Strategic Management it states that there are currently five generations at work, each with differing expectations.
  • Where relationship building and sales lead generation means so much more than adding me to a mailing list.
  • Where the traditional top-down approach to leadership and decision-making is being replaced by the search for connected leaders – those that can connect and inspire, motivate and collaborate and live and breathe trust and realness. Those that through their own behaviours it’s blatantly clear that they openly encourage and support thinking, ideation, trying, failing and the commercial realities of a customer centric business.
  • And where those leaders are, themselves, actively engaged and committed to building high performing leaders and teams around them.

We are in a period of amazing opportunity.  One where we can connect and collaborate more than ever before to make a real difference – if we choose to.  One where we are absolutely capable of re-writing the rulebook and disrupting the norm – if we choose to.  One where if we are authentic and follow our passions we can build trust, connection and surprise – one to one, more to more, many to many – again if we choose to.

The connection economy is here.  But it means so much more than sending an email, being on social media, doing a mass mailing or attending a drinks night.

Consumers want to know the depth behind the logo, the thinking, story and rationale behind the brand. They want to know that they and their business matter.

Teams want to know the purpose of their work, the reason for being, the impact that they have on each other and on the bigger picture. They want to know that they and their contribution matters.

And leaders don’t want to go it alone. They want to feel supported in developing and implementing strategies that make a difference, that absolutely matter.

The opportunity to contribute, connect and collaborate is there for us all to tap in to – at every level of an organisation and size of business. The question – are you willing to step up and be noticed?

Are you prepared to contribute more than you think you are capable of?

Are you ready to change the rules and step out from the expected masses?

C’mon. Raise your own bar, set your own limits as high as you can and choose to be part of it.


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