April 25

Ep 109 – How data can unlock brilliance w: Elisa Choy, CEO Maven Data


Elisa has predicted the future many times.

She predicted the winner of The Voice, Australia 2019 and 2020, MasterChef Australia 2020, and the US Presidential Election 2020, using the Maven Data method. That was just for fun in her spare time.

We talked about this and so much more during this podcast – including the use of social media and multiple other reference points that can be uses to measure human sentiment and emotion to predict future behaviour.

Elisa launched Maven Data in June 2020 (during Covid) as the world’s first AI-powered strategic market research agency that predicts the future without bias. Maven Data offers a new era of market research using petabytes of the world’s online content to measure consumer engagement and emotion to uncover predictive industry trends.

Elisa Choy is an economist and data strategist with a magic eye for data. She is a sought-after speaker who elegantly translates big data and AI into engaging and thought-provoking stories on human behaviour, society, culture and business.

Elisa simplifies business problems with a unique blend of strategy, finance, economics and data, and she does this with conversational ease connecting people to technology. She has worked with Australia’s leading brands, government, large and small companies from SMEs to ASX10 including Woolworths, Caltex and Seven West Media. Her vision is to enable leaders with data to navigate change and make the right decisions with confidence.

You can follow her insights on Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.



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