April 15

Ep 108 – How to be better at the NOW of work w: Donna McGeorge.


It was fabulous to hear the multiple facets of Donna’s past–from childhood through work–what she has learnt about herself and ultimately how all these experiences have resulted in her being one of the best in the business.
Donna is passionate about making work work and enhancing a large amount of time we spend in our workplace (too much, for many) to ensure it is effective and productive, as well as enjoyable…so that ultimately, we become better humans outside of work.
We discuss:-How COVID-19 created a new ‘Adaptive Capacity’ that has unlocked the opportunity to operate differently-The importance of carving off 20% of your day to stop, think and create-Why a crucial part of unleashing our own brilliance is to identify when we do our best work and to give ourselves permission to structure our days around this awareness-The need to continually learn from others BUT to not let this limit you.
Donna has authored 8 books and her CV includes Manager of Theatre, Sports & ConcertTours for the UK-based Keith Prowse; Asia–Pacific Organisational Development Manager for Ford Motor Company in Shanghai, China; as well as roles at Telstra, Qantas & Ernst & Young.She has worked with managers and leaders throughout Australia and Asia–Pacific for over 20yearsdeliveringpractical skills, training, workshops and facilitation to corporates—such as Nissan Motor Company, Jetstar, Medibank Private and Ford Motor Company—so they learn to manage their people well and produce great performance and results. Her mantra: when we decide to be intentional, we can surprise ourselves with what we can achieve.


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