March 6

Ep 043 – Conversations with Peter Shields I Author of Leadership Alchemy I Executive Coach


I loved the conversation I had with Peter Shields for this episode of the Unleashing Brilliance podcast. As Peter says, “Great Leadership is hard to find”. Listen in as we discuss the concept of self worth and the constant battle with perceived norm behaviours or learned approaches.

Peter is a transformational executive coach with more than 18 years’ experience, having supported hundreds of leaders and their teams to achieve meaningful change through improving their business skills and strategic thinking.

As one of Australia’s leading executive coaches, Peter has provided expert guidance to leaders in a vast range of industries including many ASX 200 companies.

His background in corporate sales and marketing, along with his study and practice of creativity psychotherapy, have informed Peter’s holistic style of leadership coaching.

His inside-out approach guides leaders and their teams to overcome personal barriers and unlock the inherent potential to transform their organisation’s collective capability.



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