February 18

Ep 042 – Conversations with Michelle Sutherland I Social Entrepreneur & National VP Arbonne


Joining me on the podcast this month is Michelle Sutherland
Michelle Sutherland is a Scottish born, Australia based, Social Entrepreneur that is positive, passionate and committed to living life fully.
Michelle worked for seven years with Hewlett Packard and at the same time built her Network Marketing business with Arbonne International. At the age of 29 she retired from her corporate job and jumped fully into building a life on her terms.
Last year, Michelle was promoted to the top level of Arbonne as National Vice President She is a massive believer in giving back and is an active member of the “Tree of Life” group where she has travelled to Cambodia and Nepal to fundraise and give back.
Most recently Michelle founded Bondi Dating Club. An “adventure dating” business, that’s mission is to bring the human connection back to dating rather than using online dating apps. She encourages everyone including herself, to dream bigger, be a servant leader, stay humble & hungry, never give up and give back to communities who need it most. And above all, she believes in living life to the full, enjoying every single precious moment and having FUN!
Listen in as we discuss the power of dreaming and living a life on your values and her lifelong lessons from ‘High Vis Liz’ and her Grandma & Grandpa.


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