December 11

Ep 038 – Conversations with Jack Story I Chief Technologist DXC


Originally from the US, Jack Story is the Chief Technologist for DXC Technology’s Public Sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Jack’s experience in strategy development spans the global needs of outsourcing service providers and the unique strategies required to address those clients’ business challenges and capabilities.

Prior to his corporate career, Jack served in the USAF flying the F-4G Wild Weasel. He was the Tactical Air Command Instructor EWO of the Year in 1988 and was Distinguished Graduate for several USAF service schools and programs.

Jack serves on the Board of Directors for a data centre focused advisory company, and has previously served on numerous advisory councils/boards. He regularly speaks at technology seminars, public sessions and advisor/analyst meetings on topics spanning innovation, outsourcing, alternative user and data experience, cloud computing, virtualisation and hybrid compute models.

-Listen in for his thoughts on leadership, the future and in particular the conversations we had around:
-Don’t judge others solely on output – consider intent
-The need to challenge our mindsets for the future
-Being reluctant to say NO to opportunity

Grab a cuppa, download and listen in.


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