November 26

Ep 037 – Conversations with Simon Dowling I Founder & MD of 2engage


Simon Dowling is a leading thinker on creating collaborative teams and workplaces. As a speaker, facilitator and educator, he works closely with leaders and teams from some of Australia’s most interesting organisations, equipping them with the inspiration and know-how to build strong, highly engaged teams.
He began his career as a as a commercial lawyer, and is also an experienced improviser, regularly performing with leading improvisation company Impro Melbourne. He was a regular cast member on Working Dog’s hit TV show Thank God You’re Here.
As the founder and Managing Director of training and development company 2engage, Simon has nearly two decades experience working with senior executives groups to build their communication and leadership effectiveness.
We had such a fabulous conversation and there are gifts galore:

How to manage the “dirty rotten planning” brain
How slowing down is actually your friend
The power behind the question “what does this moment need right now?”
The 4 questions decision framework of whether to collaborate or not



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