January 12

You have your plan for 2021 – now what?


2021 - now what?I have no doubt that by now many of you have made plans, set goals and identified those projects that matter to you for 2021. You may have determined what you don’t want to do or take into this year and on the flipside committed to the things you want to change.

Some of you may have created your vision board that you look at every morning excited about the possibilities.

Some of you may have anchored your plans into a big word, a meme or even a phrase (I explain more in this blog ‘Word Up’).

But have you asked yourself, “Who is going to help you achieve those goals?”

Take a look at the goals you’ve set yourself again.

Who do you really know that is going to help you, promote you, hold you accountable, teach you mastery and push you to do more?

Alone or Supported?

Every year after I’ve set my annual goals and identified my big word for the year, I think about who are the key people that I need to connect with more intentionally this year; the people that are going to help me achieve what I want to achieve. I think about how to nurture those relationships, what help I need and also identify the gaps and who I need to reach out to.

Every single one of us, no matter job title, size of business, tenure of role, needs to surround ourselves with people that support our goals and that will:

Bring out the best in us
Help us sustain our momentum over the long term
Champion us and our cause.

And if we don’t?

The risk is we get isolated from opportunities, we go backwards instead of forwards in our plans and the subsequent feelings of frustration, loneliness and disconnection can keep you well and truly stuck in the status quo. This place of disconnection, of not learning, not being pushed and not being supported is anti-growth and anti-change.

Who You Need To Know

In my best-selling book, It’s Who You Know, I discuss the 12 key people that will fast-track your career, business and success. The no-nonsense, practical framework I share in this book is now being used by millions around the world as they network the smart way to unlock opportunity, accelerate thinking and drive exponential growth.

The 12 key people I share can be grouped into these 4 types of people.

THE PROMOTERS – help you become more. They care about your success, make noise about potential possibilities and inspire you to dream bigger.

THE PIT CREW – help you care more. They keep you present and in the moment, nurturing you and preventing untoward emotions from getting the better of you.

THE TEACHERS – help you know more. They help you develop knowledge and mastery, wisdom and foresight.

THE BUTT-KICKERS – help you do more. They accelerate your plans, pushing you to do more and holding you accountable for your actions.

So, thinking about the year ahead ask yourself:

  • Who is in my network now?
  • Who should be in my network now?
  • How can we work better together to effect change for each other?

Your network is the key to your success.

Until next week.

Janine Garner



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