November 19

What it takes to network like a pro? – Colonial First State


The term ‘networking’ can have terrible connotations – uncomfortable moments in crowded event halls, superficial conversations, the doling-out of business cards, follow-up LinkedIn invitations, and the constant search for the next person who can help boost your career.

It’s transactional and volume driven. It’s about lead generation and sales opportunities. And while it has a place in business, it’s about as far as you can get from actual networking, says Janine Garner.

An in-demand keynote speaker and author of the book It’s Who You Know: How a Network of 12 People Can Fast-Track Your Success,1 Garner says transactional networking is always going to play a role in business, but is going to do very little for the individual.

For true personal and professional development, ‘transformational networking’ is required, she says.

A transformational network, she explains, is like a board of advisers for your life and career. It is a group of experts who are a source of information. They ensure you remain ahead of the curve. Most importantly, they are people who have your respect – this is not a one-way relationship.

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