November 19

The Magic Of An Impromptu Coffee & Asking For Help


At 7am on Saturday morning, one of my besties texted me – “I’m coming over to pick you up.  We’re going for a coffee.” 

And pick me up she did – in her pretty snazzy classic orange MG and off up the coast to Palm Beach we headed.

Now as much as we thought we were a super cool version of Thelma and Louise we weren’t even close! Just as I was trying to slide into the sexy little four-wheeled number with her top down it started chucking it down.  Aaah – grab towels! And that’s how the trip began – with damp seats and sitting on said towels. We struggled to work out how to turn off the wipers (I know!)…and as for when it started raining again – well we didn’t look that cool as we pulled over and struggled to get the roof back on (double I know!)  The laughing uncontrollably sure didn’t help matters.

But our 40-something ‘uncoolness’ is not the reason I’m sharing this.

You see by the time I got to Friday last week I was exhausted.  Daily 5:15am F45 gym classes combined with unsettled nights thanks to my lightlest man having a tummy bug, a big week of client delivery, navigating teenage angst around friends, parties and plans and the looming manuscript deadline for book #3 took their toll.  

I was not a happy camper on Friday night – a few tears were shed, some serious stomping around occurred and an early collapse between the sheets was much needed.  

You know the weeks – we all have them!

Unbeknownst to me, hubby had bumped into my bestie on Friday night and shared how crappy I was feeling. Hence the early Saturday morning “I’m coming for you” coffee text – and with it the opportunity to share, to be vulnerable, to be listened to, to laugh, to cry, to be pumped back up – to feel, well, human again.

And this got me thinking about how important our personal Pit Crew is (something I know I talk a lot about)  AND equally how important it is for us to reach out and ask for help.

Why do we find asking for help so difficult?

Is it because we feel incompetent if we don’t look like super heroes doing everything ourselves?

Is it because we’ve been let down before?

Is it because we don’t want to be judged?

Or is it because we don’t want to bother other people?

Here’s the thing.  Everyone needs help.  And your Pit Crew want to help.

They will help you be more emotionally resilient, pushing you to go further and harder, building belief and fuelling dreams. They will create a safe space for you to be vulnerable, to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions honestly.  They will lift you up when you feel down, they will allow you to laugh, to cry, to get angry, to quite simply off-load. They will re-fuel you with their care, compassion and love so that you are ready to hit that road again. But they can only help you if you ask for help.

What help do you need this week?  Who can you call on for a helping hand?

Go on – reach out to your own version of the soft top MG driving coffee bringer – you will feel so much better for asking.    

Until next time.


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