January 20

Unleash your brilliance to the world


Unleash your brilliance to the worldDo you know what unleashing your brilliance really means?

I had Lisa O’Neill, an expert on personal leadership, as my guest in one of my podcasts. And she shared with me something interesting about it.

When I asked her how she would define that concept, she said it’s not just about living the life you want.

Unleashing brilliance is about removing obligation and resentment in your life.

I completely agree with this.

I feel like these are two common blocks that women have to deal with.

You see, a lot of us were raised by women who didn’t have their needs met. Or to be precise, they didn’t understand that they were allowed to pursue it.

So, they lived a life filled with resentment. And they ended up raising women who didn’t think they could pursue their needs as well.

Maybe you feel the same way.

You feel like as a woman, you shouldn’t draw attention to yourself. Or that your main purpose is to take care and nurture your family.

While these are noble roles… they shouldn’t limit you from what you can do.

You have to learn how to remove the sense of obligation and resentment in your life.

Otherwise, you’ll find it really hard to unleash your brilliance.

So, how can you remove obligation and resentment in your life?

It starts with your mindset.

You have to believe that you can be who you want to be. 

Free yourself from the belief that you’re obligated or tied down. 

Free yourself from resentment because you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

Free yourself from your old mindset.

Even if you surround yourself with coaches and mentors who say that you deserve it…

If you can’t change your mindset, it’ll be for nothing.

The moment you get rid of what’s blocking you, that’s when you can unleash your true brilliance. 

You can be the true leader that your business needs to succeed.

Moreover, you can start doing things that you never thought you could.

And when you’re starting to make a difference in other people’s lives…

That’s when you’ll feel like you’re living your true potential.

Isn’t that amazing?

Let’s work on unleashing your brilliance. Book a Call to Clarity with me today.


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