August 15

The three ingredients of a powerful network


No matter what stage of your career you are at, in today’s world of constant challenge, change and busyness, you simply will not be able to move fast enough on your own. And sitting on your hands waiting for the world to help will get you nowhere. Janine Garner explains.

Building a network for personal growth in the 21st century hinges on connecting and collaborating with the right people, openly sharing knowledge and insights with individuals who understand at a deeper level, our goals and aspirations and who nurture a collective interest in our growth. It is only when we move together that we learn to move faster. There are three key ingredients to building a network that works.

  1. A personal board of advisors to bring out the best in you

In the same way we invest in personal trainers for our fitness goals, financial advisors for our investment goals, even meditation teachers for our work-life balance goals, it is just as important to invest in a personal board of advisors to support your career goals. They act as a sounding board and safety net to explore your ideas and plan your next career steps. Your boardroom provides encouragement, support and inspiration.

  1. A personal intelligence bank to sustain you over the long term

Think of building your network as creating a personal intelligence bank in which you invest in the same way a child makes regular coin deposits in their piggy bank. Invest in the right people with the right skills and it will pay dividends over the long terms. Build your intelligence bank by embracing the strengths and skills of others around you, and in this way was create more opportunity to influence others.

  1. A personal marketing machine to champion you and your cause

A network is like forming a personal cheer squad who will help you to create momentum because they believe in you. Without a marketing machine around you, your ability to create change and build engagement and influence is limited. To really drive your net worth and influence, you have to tap in to the key people around you.

Sometimes it’s hard, really hard, to stay focused and in the zone. This is the beauty of having your personal advisory board, intelligence bank and marketing machine. They understand your bigger picture goals and dreams. They are your sounding board and help shape your thinking.  Your network will keep your focus laser sharp and help guide you towards the decisions you need to make to move forward


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