November 19

There’s A Revolution Going On. Are You Part Of It?


Everyone is talking about the speed of change – but I think the major change has already happened.

Everyone is talking about how change is affecting society norms, the business landscape, the way consumers consume – but I think the way we do things has already changed forever.

Everyone is looking for the next big thing – but I think the next big opportunity is already here.

The question is – have you noticed what is happening, and are you taking advantage of it?

We are living in a highly connected world where information, resources and intellect are readily available 24/7.  In the old world, intelligent thinking, high quality products and services and breadth of range were scarce, but now they are everywhere.  As Seth Godin says “What’s scarce is trust, connection and surprise”.

I believe we are in a period of amazing opportunity.  One where we can connect and collaborate more than ever before to make a real difference.  One where we are absolutely capable of re-writing the rule book and disrupting the norm.  One where if we are authentic, play by our own rules and follow our passions we can build trust, connection and surprise – one to one, more to more, many to many.

How many large corporates have the same agility to respond with speed, with intuition, with instinct that each individual has?

The question – are you willing to step up and be noticed?  Are you prepared to contribute more than you think you are capable of?  Are you ready to change the rules and step out from the expected masses?

The connection economy is here.  It means so much more than sending an email, being on social media, placing an ad or doing a mass mailing.  Consumers want to know the depth behind the logo, the thinking and rationale behind the thought leadership.  The positive reach of fabulous one on one service spreads like a virus to many.  The active sharing of information to help someone else is paid back in multiples over time.  Whilst it may seem that you, as an individual are a small piece of the puzzle, like a pebble thrown in a still pond, the ripples can be far reaching.

There’s a revolution going on, presenting us with the chance to change the rules, to contribute individually and to create disruption (if you want to!).  The opportunity to contribute, connect and collaborate is there for us to tap in to.

Raise your own bar, set your own limits as high as you can and fly, damn it, fly!


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