June 4

The most precious gift of all


Time is such a precious commodity. We can make it work for us or fritter it away. Time is one of those things we can never get back. Time does not discriminate on age, class, status, locality or money. The unit of time is the same for all. It comes and it goes.

Often it takes a major event to stop time and to force reassessment; to realize what has been and gone; to remember what has been achieved and missed.

In the last couple of weeks the concept of time has been discussed at two Little Black Dress Group events.

At our Business Seminar in May, the incredibly inspiring Layne Beachley shared with us her life as a graphed timeline – the ups and downs, the major achievements, the hurdles and throughout it all her choice to be the best role model she can be.

In Melbourne last week, we discussed the concept of asking potential employees to present their “Personal Timeline” as a way of getting to know the real person behind the resume and assessing that ever important cultural fit vs. learned skills.

The golden thread through both discussions is the essence of time as a learning experience.

Yes change is constant.

Yes everyone has highs and lows.

But how many of us are truly living life to the full, maximizing the value of each second that goes by to the benefit of achieving the most successful outcome we can in our work as well as achieving the personal life we want. How much time is being wasted – time that we can never get back? How many of us are allocating time to those areas that are individually important and unique to each and every one of us. And how many of us respect the choices of time that those around us make.

Take a second to think about it and take control of your time.




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