July 2

The Most Important Goal to Set Yourself this Financial Year


Like a car going in for it’s service, I headed to Noosa recently for the inaugural five star all the way Little Black Dress Group retreat.


Inspiring?  Yes

Thought provoking?  Yes

Insightful?  Yes

Value add?  Yes

Challenging?  Yes


It’s interesting how the last month has had one very solid golden thread running through it.  From the Business Seminar in May, to this LBD Retreat and the message in the exclusive gift winging its way to our Diamond and Platinum members as we speak – the message is one of looking after self first, investing in self because you, at the end of the day, are the most important person.



Our fabulous member and co-host in Noosa, Nikki Fogden Moore, said to me “Janine, your vision and your goals for yourself, your family and your business will not be achieved if you don’t look after yourself with the same focus and commitment”. Wow – right between the eyes the hit came and with it 3 days of re-calibration and the incredible gift of focused time on me.


We all know it don’t we?  The importance of work : life balance, getting enough sleep, eating a well balanced diet, along with goal setting, financial savviness, managing cash flow etc etc and how many of us honestly listen.


I am not sure why we, as women, find this one important factor of life so difficult.  At the end of the day, we are the spiders at the centre of the web, holding it all together; we are the soul of the family; we create, nurture and teach.


Well let’s start walking the talk and what better way to start than the new financial year.


The LBD Retreat was an incredible experience on so many levels – inspiring conversations, the strengthening of friendships, new experiences, new knowledge and learnings, meeting new people and lots and lots of laughs (yes Christina that’s you and your extreme sports!).  Above all – REenergising, REfocusing, REcalibrating, REfreshing.


The date for the next one is already being planned – and I for one will be committing to the investment again as part of achieving this year’s goals.


A heartfelt thank you to:


Nikki Fogden-Moore – vitality evangelist, genius and creator of the Wakeup Workout – www.lifesagym.com

Niel Mason – General Manager, The Outrigger Resort for five star treatment all the way

Andrew Denton  – for your inspiring keynote, honesty and humility

Dr Alanda Thompson –  for sharing your story of survival, growth and evolution

The team at Noosa Stand Up Paddle for the early morning new experience – www.standuppaddle.com.au

Everyone at Stephanies Ocean Spa for the amazing treatments

Fellow LBD members for the conversation, honesty, friendship, compassion and giggles

And everyone else who made the weekend so incredible




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