October 27

The Dream And The Do


the-dream-and-the-doFor those of us who are of a particular vintage, there is an iconic scene in the movie Pretty Woman, where a character says these words:

‘Welcome to Hollywood… what’s your dream?’

So many of us have a dream, or a plan for our future reality; a vision of what our lives and businesses should be. We may even understand our key driver, or, in the words of Simon Sinek, our ‘Why’ – why we have a dream. But there is a question to ask of ourselves which sits over all this dreaming. It will drive you to achieve more, to push through the procrastination and fear, and through the dips of the lows.

It is simply this:

How much do you actually want your why?

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@janinemgarner” suffix=””]What is the spark of electric excitement that will get you from idea to innovative product[/inlinetweet], from memo to marketplace?

What is your light in the darkness? What is it that makes you move forward, rather than run on the spot in a haze of ‘one days’ and ‘maybes’.

This is the question I have asked a number of my clients this week. The thing is, so many people have a dream, yet get lost in endless iterations of planning rather than doing. Somewhere along the way they somehow forget they have to take action or they become frozen in their never ending “oh but… ” list “before I…” list.

Worse still…

Something doesn’t quite go to plan and that is it – back to the waiting room of comfort zone because it’s way too scary to step outside.

There is no doubt most of us have a motivation to win; but to keep going, to keep pushing through; that comes down to your own self-belief, your mindset, your why and your drive to achieve. Those things together are self-leadership. They create the motivation that goes above and well beyond simply doing what needs to be done to win.

Anyone who knows me understands I am an advocate of creating a vision and a plan with focused goals to deliver over 90 days. So, I am not saying don’t plan – but I would add 80% is GO.

Go on – get on with it. As Nike would say – you guessed it –

Just do it.

Get focused

Much of what we fear is the future. It is important to bring our overthinking mind continuously in to the present, focusing on what needs to be done right now. Action allows us to overcome fear and inertia as, by simply doing it, by being brave and going for it, we feel back in control.

Do the work and the results will come.

Celebrate the small stuff

Most of us instinctively spend time and energy seeking the big goals, achievements and rewards – those moments that are incredibly satisfying and equally, at times, hard to come by. Focusing only on the bigger goals can lead to disappointment and frustration. Whilst those big picture goals are important, we often lose sight of the incremental successes and achievements along the way. Take time to acknowledge and recognise the small wins each and every day.

Embrace decision making

When you hold back from making decisions out of a fear of failure, it engenders a similar fear in others around you. This means lacklustre projects, an endemic inability to change the status quo, and a potential lack of future leaders around you. A large part of being brave is to risk failing, making the tough calls, and showing those around you this is OK.

John C Maxwell recently wrote:

“Will you sit at the top of the hill merely contemplating your capabilities? Or will you give yourself a little shove and barrel down that hill, knocking over obstacles in your way?”

Making a decision and taking action creates momentum.

Momentum creates results. Yes, there may well be resistance and learnings along the way but that energy spark that you’ve created?

That will keep you going – and eventually turn in to the fire of success.


What’s your dream?


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