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From the ‘dream stealer’ to the ‘energy vampire’: The 12 people in your life that are holding you back from success – so do YOU recognise any of them?


While success is achieved by working hard and setting goals, it is also determined by the people you surround yourself with.

And according to Australian business woman and founder of LBDGroup, Janine Garner, there are 12 types of people that we all need to remove from our lives in order to move forward.

‘Do you have friends around you that always see the negative in every situation? What about co-workers that drag you down or make you doubt your abilities?’ She said.

‘If you said yes to any of these, it’s time to take control and cut out the people from your network that are holding you back from thriving.’


According to Janine, the ‘saboteur’ sets out to ‘damage your success deliberately and usually for personal gain’.

‘Sometimes they may take your idea and run with it,’ she said.

‘They enjoy asking lots of questions, spending one-on-one time with you so they can pick your brain, and likely use that knowledge for their own end game.’


The main sign of a ‘dream stealer’ is their ability to ‘suck up all your positivity and self belief’, Janine says.

‘They are usually spotted hanging out around the water cooler or lurking in the office kitchen.

‘They can be friends, colleagues, even family members, who genuinely seem to want to protect you.

‘You may think they have your best interests at heart, but subtly they’ll fill your mind with doubts about your dreams and ambitions.’

The main sign of a ‘dream stealer’ is their ability to ‘suck up all your positivity and self belief’, Janine says


‘Traitors’ say one thing but then turn around and do something else that usually comes at a cost to you.

‘They view the world only as a competition,’ Janine said.

‘Disloyalty like this undermines your self-esteem and confidence.’


The ‘back-stabber’ is someone people usually see as a friend… before they ‘stab you in the back’.

‘It happens; I’ve witnessed it many times over the past few years,’ Janine said.

‘Colleagues and clients have shared their disappointment, hurt and frustration after someone copied their jewellery designs, marketing idea or even blog posts that were sold to a media outlet as their own.’

The ‘back-stabber’ is someone people usually see as a friend… before they ‘stab you in the back’


These people are only interested in ‘maintaining their own power’.

‘They have an exaggerated sense of self-importance, take more than they give and believe they have the solution to everything,’ Janine said.

‘They do not like to be challenged on this. They lack empathy, guilt or remorse.

‘Everything they say or do centres on what they want and need, boosts their own ego and implies others are inferior’.


These people are also known as ‘Negative Neville’ or ‘Debbie Downer’ around the office and never have anything positive to say. Ever.

‘They constantly blame others and make excuses for their situation instead of taking ownership of their own behaviours and actions,’ Janine said.

‘Spending time with this person zaps your purpose and passion, drains you of momentum and leaves you feeling down in the dumps and grey with the world.’

‘Energy vampires’ are also known as ‘Negative Neville’ or ‘Debbie Downer’ around the office and never have anything positive to say. Ever.


‘Sceptics’ want to bring you down before you achieve to much.

‘They believe your ideas have no merit, feed off your inner fears, and wreak havoc on your anxiety and stress levels,’ Janine said.

‘They are there on the sidelines watching and waiting, and they love it when they can say I told you so.’


The ‘labeller’, says Janine, ‘puts you in a box with a neat little name on it and sets your limitations’.

‘And they will only support and appreciate you if you fit into this box or the label they have created for you,’ she said.

‘Anything else and you’ll be “disappointing” them.’


‘Villains’ are malicious in intent and ‘motivated by power, greed and jealousy’.

‘They appear to set up conflict, obstacles and challenges for you and the people you hang out with,’ Janine said.

‘Their toxic personalities and mean-spirited activities can increase your stress, raise your blood pressure and affect your performance. They make it difficult for you to get work done.

‘They can act in a sneaky way, enjoy gossiping and often use their manipulative tactics against you.’

Villains’ are malicious in intent and ‘motivated by power, greed and jealousy’


These people, Janine says, ‘fight you from all angles, breaking down your spirit until you feel like you have no hope left’.

‘Often they appear in the guise of a friendly competitor, until they start intimidating and even humiliating you,’ she said.

‘They can make you feel submissive, small and without a voice. They exclude you from conversations, meetings or events. They may even become abusive (verbally or physically).’


‘Liars’ deliberately hold back important information.

‘Maybe they offer to help with your project, but never deliver. Or suggest an introduction to someone who could help you land a new job, only you’re never connected,’ Janine said.

‘They may even put you forward for a role or a job, or so you think, but then nothing ever eventuates, no matter how much you follow up.’


‘Critics’ ‘shut down your goals, plans, ideas, thoughts and actions before they’ve even begun’.

‘They criticise your plans, fill your head with negative nonsense and opinions that lack evidence or substance,’ Janine said.

‘They have strong ideas about what success means, how to live life, do business or build a career, and they’re not interested if you don’t think or feel the same way. It’s either their way or the highway.’


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