March 1

Surround yourself with success and like-minded people


The first thing I saw on a recent visit to the Australian Institute of Sport was this image with the words – “Inspiration, Excellence, Passion, Desire”. And it didn’t stop there.  Words of encouragement were everywhere.  Photos of previous medal winners and success stories mounted the walls.  Sporting great memorabilia at all view points.   Record winners sketched permanently in to fixtures.  My tour guide lived and breathed his sport, enthused about those training around us and with the stories of previous athletes that inspire him and drive him free flowing, it was clear to all that he had a very clear goal and dream to succeed.

I came away from my visit feeling inspired and motivated.  The atmosphere and environment clearly supporting one of the key strategies of success – that of surrounding yourself with successful and like-minded people and having a good support team.

As Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Think about it.  If you surround yourself with people who are driven to succeed, who are passionate about what they do, and highly energetic then that, in itself, is contagious.   Passion and energy and intertwined.  They work together to breed success.  Hanging out with successful people breeds success.  As we are constantly told as children – “practice makes perfect”.  The more you talk positively, the more you imagine and discuss options, the more you brainstorm and believe in the possible, the more likely you are to achieve.   And guess what, in my experience successful people like helping others achieve.  In fact, you are likely to reach your next level of success at a faster rate by surrounding yourself with like-minded people and having the consequent positive mindset.

On the flip side, to surround yourself with negativity, disillusionment, gossip and disgruntlement (or stoppers in your life) is to set up a negative mindset that nothing is achievable

It’s your choice what life you want to live.  For me I choose to spend my time with forward thinkers, entrepreneurs, achievers that are driven by excitement, drive and the potential in life.

I would rather dream in the possibility of the future than live in fear of what is outside the four walls.



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