November 25

Ownership begins and ends with YOU


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Last week I was afforded an enormous privilege by way of the Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation. That privilege? Meeting former Prime Minister, author, champion of equity, university professor, and perhaps most of all, a person content in their own skin – and owning their own space – Julia Gillard.

It was clearly evident that Ms Gillard has found where she wants to be in her career, and who she wants to be in life. She owned the room. This made me think of how incredibly important it is for us all to accept ownership of our business selves, our personal selves, and our positioning.

When you think about owning your choices, what do you understand it to mean? Is it just about ‘I will make X decision on X day’ or is it about accepting ownership of what, and who you are? Are you owning your skills, your flaws, your values and your dreams? Are you owning your excuses and your vulnerabilities? Are you in fact owning your life, or is it owning you?

It’s not easy, that’s for sure, because taking ownership can involve sacrifices, and it often involves discipline and sustained motivation.

Taking ownership of our businesses, our personal lives, of the way we want to be seen, can be incredibly tough. It may involve making choices we’d rather not make. Sometimes it may even mean hurting those we care about. However, if we sit in the space of making excuses, of listening to the inner voice whispering ‘’I’ll become more than I am now – some day”, we only end up damaging others as well as ourselves, through a lack of clarity, direction, and self-assurance.

I applaud Julia Gillard for becoming more than she was, because she is a powerhouse. Not that she wasn’t an effective leader; but because right here, right now, she has taken ownership of her own vision and happiness.

That is perhaps the biggest part of owning it – allowing yourself to own your dreams and some happiness.

With that happiness will come immeasurable success, in whatever form you wish to find it.

So go on – own your future. But own it here and now, in the present.


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