January 11

Own your ignorant truth


Own your ignorant truth

“Own your ignorant truth.”

That was something that I learned from a conversation with Tracey Ezard. She’s an author and an advocate of having a culture of collaboration and learning in the workplace.

According to her, we should all learn to own our ignorant truth.

But what does ignorant truth mean?

This is what Tracey says…

“I really do believe we all have our own ignorant truth. Because ignorant, what it really means is I don’t know. It’s something that I have no knowledge of.

I realised that a lot of the challenges that we have when working with people, it’s our own assumptions. When someone says something, we have a massive assumption of what they mean.”

Simply put, our ignorant truth is our perception of what is true, based on our limited knowledge.

What does it mean to OWN our ignorant truth?

You need to be honest enough to say that you don’t know everything.

And this is very HARD for business owners.

After all, you started a business because you are good at what you do. There’s a certain pride that comes with that.

So, to have someone else try to negate what you said as a leader and owner of your business…

Or to make inputs that’ll affect your decision…

That could be hard for some business owners to get used to.

But it’ll be easier to do that if you own your ignorant truth.

So, be open to knowing what other people think. 

Accept that you’re only working on your own assumptions. That’s why you need to find out what other people are saying.

To make better decisions as a business owner, look at different perceptions and ideas.

There’s a huge amount of knowledge that we don’t know. 

And we have to be able to admit that.

That’ll place you in the best mindset to be able to connect and work with your team.

Instead of feeling like you know-it-all…

You’ll own your ignorant truth instead.

Are you ready to make that happen?

Book a Call to Clarity with me today. 

We can talk about how you can learn to be a great business owner and bring your business to greater heights.

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Janine x



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