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Organisational culture is not created

By March 1, 2012December 19th, 2016No Comments

Organisational culture is not created – it is the culmination of behaviours

How many times have you sat in a business meeting where the challenge has been to write down the mission statement and define the corporate culture

I can distinctly remember in a former role sitting in a Management meeting being challenged to do just this with my colleagues at the time.  Interestingly we rose to the request writing down our definition of the business culture.  In subsequent discussions, however, it became apparent that we had delivered the culture we desired not necessarily the culture that was being experienced by the team at the time.

Organisational culture cannot be created through workshops, consultant input, a printed and framed statement on the reception wall or in the CEO’s office.  It is something that develops and formulates as a result of the vision, behaviours, actions and values of the entire team, driven fundamentally from the top.

A consistency of actions and walking the walk not just talking the talk of value systems and behaviours builds an organizational culture over time that is understood by all, trusted by all and believed by all.

And this is why, as business leaders, it is imperative that we are individually clear on our value systems, that we live and breathe these values in every behavior, decision and action we take, trusting our own unique individual leadership style to achieve the best for our own success, our team’s success and the financial success of the Company.   If we are to create the organisations that we want to work within, that we want others to enjoy being part of and to build a company that is more than just the service or product that is being sold, the soul of the organization has to permeate everything…and its more than just words.

Start talking the talk and walking the walk today.

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