December 17

Make This An Apocalypse Wow!


We all know that according to the Mayan Calendar, just a few days away on the 21st of December, the world is apparently going to come to an apocalyptic point.

And particularly after the terrible and tragic events in the United States over the weekend, and all of the sadness and struggles that the world has seen in 2012, it is not hard to see a valid message in their ancient predictions.

So what I have to say to to you is this.

What’s been your personal apocalypse in 2012? Don’t try to fight against it – feel free to acknowledge your biggest heartache, or sadness, or anger,or stress – whether it be personal or professional – say it out loud, or perhaps write it down in a journal or a letter to a trusted friend or mentor.

And then – acknowledge that it has happened, and get ready for the next stage of your journey.

Sometimes we fight so hard to keep going, that we forget to allow ourselves the opportunity to grieve; whether it be grief for an actual death, or grief for a bad decision, we still need to let things out. It is a release and a part of growth. It is part of being a change-maker – a way to move forward.

It means strength and resolve and fortitude for the new year ahead.

I wish you every health and happiness for the coming holidays – for you and your families. As women of strength, of honesty, of character. As women who are capable of greatness. As women who can – and who do. Who are able to accept that happiness is not always possible – and that sometimes disasters of apocalyptic proportions do occur!

But who never, ever let the zombies win.

Come on 2013.

It’s going to be amazing.





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