September 15

Lead Out: Why It’s Essential To Influence Outwards


lead-out-memeWhether you are the leader of a country or the leader of a team of two, there is a common principle at play. If you lead inwards – if you sit in the business space of ‘me’ – then inevitably, you will come to an influential standstill. Lead out, however, and the world will be led by, and with, your ideation, products, or professional opinions.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the leadership spill on Monday night for the stewardship of our nation. Our now ex-Prime Minister had, if we look at it from a purely dispassionate perspective, forgotten to work in a collaborative manner. He was sitting firmly in the ‘me’ space; the zone of ‘my opinions’, ‘my wants’, ‘my objectives’ and ‘my way or the highway’. Surrounded by the best and brightest Australia has to offer, it appears he chose not to take advantage of their talents and thought leadership, but rather to close ranks.

To lead out – to see the potential in new connections, in the intelligence bank of brain power which is available to every leader, if they choose to take best advantage of it – is a priceless gift we give ourselves. It is part of the art of influence; an understanding that in working together, and respecting the myriad of different abilities our circle of excellence brings to the table, we will only go further in our careers, our professional aspirations, in our own success stories.

The wisest and most thoughtful decision makers are those who see beyond the personal; who are able to put aside prejudices and fears and embrace everything the future has to offer. They see that by:

  • expanding networks
  • considering the views of others
  • inviting new perspectives into their circle of influence
  • being prepared to give as well as take, and
  •  actively listening

they only add to their own worth, and future-proof their position as someone who wants to lead by example, rather than dictate.

[inlinetweet prefix=”Lead out by example.” tweeter=”janinemgarner” suffix=”#frommetowe”]To lead out means being open to others, both in thought and in action.[/inlinetweet] Within a commercial perspective, it is about accepting the value in corporate and entrepreneurial viewpoints, in cross-sector relationships, in big business and small. It is standing up for one’s team when the chips are down, and inviting said team to be a part of any successes you enjoy.

Leading out is facing out. Leading out is leading with, rather than leading for.

To lead out is to lead towards, not away from, mutual opportunities for success, if you are lucky enough to spot them before anyone else in a collaborative relationship does.

I wish our new Prime Minister every success, in the hopes that he understands the ‘lead out’ viewpoint. If he does, then we – all Australians, collectively – have a chance to lead out with him.

Leading out. It’s leaning in, but with an added powerful component.

All of us.

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