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How To Succeed In Business… By Really Trying

By June 5, 2013December 19th, 2016No Comments

success key“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell, Former US Secretary of State.

Everybody wants to succeed. Whether it be in business, at a personal endeavour, or simply at getting out of bed in the morning some days, there are all things which we would like to turn into success stories. But there is only so far, especially in business, that you can go on natural ability alone. Success requires more than just a dream and a prayer.

Success is about preparation, and giving yourself the best opportunities you can by setting the stage for them. It is a mindset. Unless you get yourself into the mental space you need to truly focus on your goals and what you wish to achieve, then nothing is going to turn out the way you want.

Here is an example of what I mean:

How many times have you felt the following: you enter a room full of your colleagues, or business associates, or the people you have surrounded yourself with as key players. You put forward an idea which you have researched thoroughly and you know has a very good chance of success. And bang – you are shot down, or overwhelmed by negativity.

This may be their attitude, but what it comes back to is YOUR mindset. You need to change the situation, take responsibility, and make it so that success is something tangible. And part of that is giving yourself a positive environment in which to work and strive. Those people are never going to change that negativity, so YOU need to change the people you collaborate with. Put positivity in your path. Work and strive with people who have similar goals to you, and whose enthusiasm matches your own.

Success is a mindset.

Success is not an easy achieve. If it were, then the world would be full of billionaires. It requires perseverance and determination and sheer hard work. And a lot of that work is mental toughness. You must allow yourself to continue to grow mentally if you wish to expand your success. So positive people, and also – positive learnings. It comes back to learning from failure; learn from your failures by learning from current knowledge. Make sure you are feeding your brain with the wealth of information out there. There are thought leaders all around, and so much information available; don’t stay in a static bubble and assume that your knowledge in your area is enough. Use the free resources at your fingertips – ebooks, webinars, multimedia – to increase understanding of what the business world contains.

Success is a mindset.

Above all, don’t assume the path to success is an easy one. I go back again and again to the point that determination and drive are absolutely essential to the path of a successful woman or man in business. It’s that extra 5% of sheer sweat and grit which will get those who want it most to the top.

That, and their belief – and those around them, who believe in them too – that there is no better place to be – than at the top.

Make sure that you understand what your top actually comprises of before you try to get there. Then – go!


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