March 10

Here’s To The Brave Ones


bravery 2I don’t think there are many people on the planet with access to the internet, TV or for that matter any form of media who have not heard or seen Apple’s now iconic ad ‘Here’s To The Crazy Ones’. Originally written in 1997 by Steve Jobs, it celebrates those throughout history who have impacted with their brilliance, their individuality, their spark of light in the darkness.

I love this ad – who wouldn’t? It celebrates daring, and ability, and those who shine in spite of often very trying circumstances.

And with apologies to the late great Mr Jobs, what I would like to celebrate in this post are the Brave Ones – and they aren’t necessarily well known people, or those in the public eye. They are simply people I know. So here’s to the wonderful, courageous people that I see as brave – with my thanks, and admiration.

Here’s to the brave ones who juggle insane loads – and even if they drop a ball, laugh it off (or shed a tear, then laugh) – and then keep going.

The ones who challenge the norm.

The ones who support each other 150%. All the time.

The ones who are willing to give of their knowledge with no expectation of anything in return.

Those who are strong through revealing their fears and vulnerability.

The ones who follow their dreams, and encourage others to follow theirs.

Those who pick themselves up when it seems everything is stacked against them.

The ones who take a chance, who give up the comfortable, who chase what they want, who want to create – who want to make a mark.

Those who work tirelessly in the background. Who organise parties. Who do the kids’ taxi runs. Who I can ring in a panic when I have forgotten pick ups/lunches/pretty much anything because I have too much going on in my head.

Those who don’t judge me and accept me as I am.

That is brave indeed!

And finally… here’s to those brave, brave ones who love unconditionally. Who are loyal, and steadfast, and understand my journey.


Bravery is not an everyday or ordinary quality. It takes a lot of courage to be steadfast, and it takes even more courage to take chances and live your dreams. I am incredibly fortunate in that I have people of bravery around me, and please know that I do not take you for granted, even if sometimes I am busy juggling said balls and realising that I have indeed forgotten a pick up!

If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by bravery, make sure you acknowledge it. That in itself takes guts.

And makes you one of the brave.

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