October 8

Ep 90 – Why loving your flaws is a part of being brilliant w: Sacha Coburn


Those that have achieved success are just like you and me – they also have their flaws – so if they can why not you!

Sacha Coburn is a New Zealand leadership consultant, speaker and entrepreneur who is obsessed with unlocking the latent potential within everyone.  She combines her love of coaching other leaders to sales and leadership mastery with active involvement in leading her own family-held company, Coffee Culture, a New Zealand group of boutique coffee shops with over 300 staff in 20 locations.

As the C.O.O 0f Coffee Culture, Sacha walks her talk every day delivering messages that matter, and leading her team with humanity and humour.

She has also worked closely for over 20 years with the Les Mills group, coaching and developing teams all over the world to step up and achieve outstanding results and her latest side hustle, The Company You Keep, is dedicated to working with people who want to turn it up and deliver whole hearted high performance.

A former lawyer with a Master’s Degree in Education, Sacha is a pracademic – someone who thinks about things and then gets off her arse to give things a go.



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