August 5

Ep 135 – Beautiful Not Broken With Bec Chappell


t’s such a gift to witness the growth of others as they unleash their own brilliance and I feel honoured to have witnessed this journey of Bec Chappell over the last few years.

In this podcast we chat about:

-Rebuilding confidence after major life changing decisions
-The impact mental health can have on your choices
-The intention needed behind a full stop moment and creating a new narrative
-You can achieve the things you put your mind to.

Bec Chappell started Plum Marketing Solutions in 2020 with the goal of helping B2B business owners be the drivers of a strategic, stress free marketing in their business.
Prior to launching her own biz Bec clocked up 12+ years of experience in marketing departments both growing my career and leading the pack.
She’s been called the branding gatekeeper, oddly data-focused, and an effervescent whiteboard lover. This is because of her obsession with brand integrity and growth, a fervent supporter of a high functioning CRM and of course the natural, honest and energetic way she delivers strategies.
Her mission is to amplify brands, create clear strategies and magnify messaging.
Outside of Plum she is passionate about helping build people from rock bottom with tales of her own experiences and learnings.



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