March 31

Ep 071 – Purpose and leaving a legacy w: Leah Kitoloh


What would it look like is you were more deliberate and intentional about the legacy you are leaving?
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Leah Kitoloh ran away from home with a backpack and knew that she couldn’t afford to fail. As a speaker, brand activator, coach and the founder of A Women’s Worth Chapters Leah is passionate about positively contributing towards building a legacy for future generations.
Leah is recognised for her future based mindset, her enthusiasm, agility and focus. Her growth mindset and vast experience across Africa allow for innovative approaches towards human performance improvement initiatives within any organisation. Leah has designed and developed a bespoke tool, the 4Cs – Celebrate | Connect | Collaborate | Create, for individual and organisational transformation.
Leah’s primary purpose is the contribution towards building future proofing skills for ourselves and those who follow in our footsteps, by collaborating and creating initiatives with recognised thought leaders.
Listen in.


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