July 16

Ep 052 – Conversations with Ron Harvey I Retired U.S Army Veteran I Leadership Expert


I met Ron Harvey whilst I was studying The Art & Practice of Leadership at Harvard in May this year and I was blown away at his story, his journey and his wisdom. There was a moment where Ron shared a personal story and as a result shifted the entire cohorts awareness around racism and engrained behavior, bringing many to tears.

Ron is a retired U.S. Army Veteran, with more than 34 years of leadership experience. He believes his purpose is to “Make A Difference” by inspiring leaders to excel through learning, growth and adding value to others.

During this conversation around unleashing brilliance we discussed:
– The damage we are all potentially causing without realizing it
– The fear of learning something that conflicts with our current understanding
– How we can all make a difference when the pressure is on.


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