May 16

Ep 048 – Conversations with Yasmin London I Exec Director ySafe


Yasmin London has spent 12 years in the New South Wales Police Force, and now is also the Executive Director of ySafe – one of the lead organisations in Australia offering education and strategies for managing cyber safety in schools.

Having operated at the coalface dealing with the real life consequences of online abuse experienced by young people, Yasmin felt impassioned about the need for preventative action in cyber safety, in order to minimise the need for critical intervention.

Yasmin is also the co-founder of REELise, an NFP anti-bullying and mental health promotion charity that helps young people use of technology to improve wellbeing and resilience.

In this podcast we discuss:

the need to equip ourselves with knowledge

removing the shackles to let ourselves shine

and how a video went viral of Yasmin as The Dancing Cop


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