April 17

Ep 046 – Conversations with Jeff Schwisow I Strategy Specialist I Author of Projectify


Jeff Schwisow is a Melbourne-based strategy specialist, speaker and the author of Projectify – How to use projects to engage your people in strategy that evolves your business.

Jeff Schwisow is passionate about people and projects. He believes that when the two come together that a truly exceptional workplace is formed – one that engages the very best of its people, consistently delights Jeff helps businesses use the power of projects to engage the very best of its people, consistently delight its clients and constantly evolve to generate exceptional business results.

He has worked with some the world’s largest organisations including Shell, Chevron, PetroChina, CPB Contractors, Downer Utilities, Powercor/Citipower and many others.

In this episode we discuss:
– the pervasiveness of change on organisations
– why engagement is not an HR problem but a business problem
– the opportunity that exists within failure to develop your growth mindset.

Find out more at www.jeffschwisow.com.


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