July 17

Ep 029 – Conversations with Ray Pittman President & CEO CBRE Pacific


With a career in commercial property spanning more than 31 years, Ray Pittman is an expert in corporate strategy, executive team leadership, mergers and acquisitions, property investment, development, management and brokerage. As the President & CEO of CBRE Pacific, Ray is responsible for overseeing 22offices and approximately 2,500 employees across Australia and New Zealand. Prior to this he served as Senior Managing Director for CBRE in Colorado and was was the President and Founder of Pittman Development Group, Inc –a leading commercial real estate development and investment firm headquartered in Denver. He is a leader that is passionate about leadership, changing culture and the business imperative of building diversity in the workplace. During this conversation Ray shared many of his insights and leadership philosophies including:
– the need to take time out to think and make decision
– learning from failure
– as he says “how do you know what you don’t know unless you fail”
– the extreme ownership of who you are and what you are bringing


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