December 4

Ep 013 – Conversations with Paul Walton Producer & Partner Princess Pictures


It was an absolute joy to turn the microphone on to Paul Walton recently. Paul is a Partner, Producer and Head of Production at Princess Pictures, a well established film and television production company with an international reputation for producing unique projects with outstanding creative talent….and more importantly, he’s my brother.During this podcast we chatted at length about how he discovered his passion and brilliance, what drives him now to keep disrupting the industry he is in and what he is learning every day from You Tubers that are working collaboratively to change the concept of content creation. There are so many interesting elements to this conversation around discovering and unleashing brilliance and for me much of the insight revolved around CONNECTION:Connection to being truly present and sharing the moments that are happening with others Connection to self and trusting your instincts to step up always and own the mistakes you make Connection with others, with your audience and people that matter – adapting always, listening always and understanding that the people that really matter need love, care and respect And listen out for Paul’s insight in to how he undertakes a regular ‘Honesty Audit’ with himself to check in and identify when he needs to change the moment, press the pause button and reset.


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