October 13

Don’t Stop Believing: The Power of ‘I Can’


If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.

– Roopleen

Often we think long and hard about what we want to achieve. We think, and we think, and we think.

We think so hard that we literally think ourselves out of action. Then, if we’re not thinking about the great big lightbulb moment, we are discussing it. We discuss the idea, or the product, or the concept, with those we trust. We discuss it to death. That poor butterfly of brilliance which potentially could have changed the world is gone before it even had a chance to hit the shelves, or the internet, or the policy books, because we didn’t allow ourselves to turn it from a noun into a verb.

It all comes down to this.

Those that succeed as business leaders, as the incredible groundbreaking entrepreneurs whose stories we sit and devour, live by a very simple set of ‘commandments’. They recognise the inherent need to stop living in the abstract and instead bring oneself into the reality of ‘yes I can’.

Can do

I can. The power of those two words is so strong, in life and in business. When we allow ourselves to not only trust in our own ideas, but to actually follow through on them and action them, we are letting go of years of ingrained negativity and naysaying. It is likely we have finally surrounded ourselves with the right people, because nothing propagates development of great plans like a great team. Having valued and trusted members of staff, or peers alongside us on the journey means being pushed and prodded in the right way to make decisions and stick by them. It means looking out instead of in, and bringing dreams to fruition.

It means, as the meme says, initiation, not just imagination.

The power of ‘I Can’ is the power that people like Richard Branson live by. Just as a verb is a doing word, Branson is a ‘doing’ person. And it’s a lesson we all need to learn when we um and ahhh with those new ideas. A ‘what if I fail’ isn’t going to bring us the next stage of growth that we want.

What will do it is ‘I may fail, but I will try anyway, because you know what?’

‘I can’.

If you can dream –

Yes. You can DO.

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